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Houston-based Dagon Apparel coming to Virginia

The weather’s been so changeable this summer here in the Old Dominion that it’s hard to know what each day’s uniform should be: t-shirt and shorts, or rain jacket and waders?! The good news is that, regardless of the vagaries of the weather, Dagon Apparel has you covered. And, we are so excited that they are going to make the journey from Texas to Doswell for the 19th Annual Virginia Fly Fishing & Wine Festival in January 2019.

Dagon was founded by Corby Robertson III to deliver stylish, highly-functional fishing shirts that fishermen would get excited about wearing. Shirts that would match the passion they share for fishing. “I wanted certain types of pockets where I could stuff exactly what I wanted to fish within them so I didn’t need a bunch of other gear hanging on me, getting in the way, or slowing me down trying to get to it when there were fish ready to be caught,” says Robertson. With innovative pocket designs, anglers are able to leave bulky vests behind.

Houston-based specialty clothing company Dagon — named for the ancient Babylonian fish god — boasts a line of top-quality shirts, hats, pants, and other fishing-related apparel. Best news of all? Dagon will be at the festival! Chat up general manager Cybil Jones to get the inside scoop on everything Dagon. Find Dago in select retailers across the country, or shop online.