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It is the mission of The Virginia Fly Fishing & Wine Festival to foster a widespread love of the outdoors–and particularly to cultivate a passion for the quiet sport of fly fishing. Nature’s bounty is a gift to Man, and we deeply appreciate that gift and seek to preserve and protect it for the next generation.

That gift extends beyond the water to forest and to field–and so each year we invite a select group of Virginia’s best vintners to the festival to share with our patrons the fruits of their labor. Paying attendees 21 years and older may sample these handcrafted vintages from commemorative wine-tasting glasses at no additional charge. They may also purchase bottles of wine to enjoy on the festival grounds or to take home.

Learn what makes a wine great. Discover why Virginia wines are acclaimed the world over. Enjoy the best of Virginia wine and other adult beverages at this year’s Virginia Fly Fishing & Wine Festival!

Participating wineries, cider makers and distilleries at this year‘s festival include: