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The Virginia Fly Fishing & Wine Festival is a one-of-a-kind event drawing fly-fishing and beer-loving enthusiasts from all across the country. We are excited about our unique event and would love to include you in the fun. We’ll be depending upon a small group of dedicated volunteers to keep things running smoothly.

If you’d like to be a volunteer, we’d love your help! No experience is necessary. We do require that our volunteers be at least 21 years of age. We ask that you show up when you’re expected and be courteous to the public.


What positions are required?

We need admissions ticket sellers, volunteers to sit in our class registration and information booth, and a few confident folks to work security.

What shifts are needed?

Volunteers can work 8:30 am-1pm or 12:30 pm-5pm on either day of the festival. We will also need a few strong and dedicated volunteers to help us tear down on Sunday, January 12, from about 5-7:30pm.

Do I need special training?

No, no special skills or training is required!

Do I have to handle money?

Yes…or no. Some of our volunteers will sell admission tickets, some will sit at the registration/class table and help attendees find where their classes are being held, and some will check in our VIPs. If you don’t want to handle money, you won’t.

What do I get for volunteering?

Volunteers who work at least one 4.5-hour shift get into the festival for free. So if you work just half a day, you get the rest of the day to enjoy the entire festival! Volunteers also receive a free festival t-shirt or hat of their choice at no charge.

How do I get my free festival t-shirt or hat?

Volunteers are given a coupon for their hat or shirt that they can trade in after working their shift.

If I elect to work two shifts of four hours each day or work all day on Saturday, can I get free admission the following day and get two shirts or a combination of one shirt and one hat?

Yes, you get free admission the following day and a shirt or hat for each shift you work!

What if my size or color isn’t available?

Shirts and hats are first-come, first-served only. That said, you WILL get one or the other even if we have to special order it after the festival is over.

Can I volunteer with a friend?

Volunteer positions and assignments are strictly up to the Deputy Festival Director who is in charge of Volunteer Operations.

Can I have beer while I am at the festival?

We encourage our volunteers to enjoy the festival, but no volunteer is allowed to consume alcohol of any kind while working for the festival.

How do I volunteer?

Those interested in volunteering at the 2020 Virginia Fly Fishing & Wine Festival can contact Marty Laksbergs, Deputy Festival Director at