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In Memoriam: Walt Cary

Walt Cary
Walt Cary

It is with a heavy heart that The Virginia Fly Fishing & Wine Festival must report the passing of Walt Cary, who died at home, surrounded by his family, after a brief illness. A regular fixture at the Virginia Fly & Wine and a popular speaker and fly tyer, Walt was known to fly anglers across the country as “Virginia’s Popping Bug King.”

Walt Cary served his nation faithfully for 30 years, retiring as the Command Master Chief of the USS Forrestal, on which he served alongside 5,000 other sailors and Marines. As the senior enlisted serviceman, Walt’s sole supervisor on the aircraft carrier was the ship’s captain. Walt will be buried in a private service at Arlington National Cemetery.

We are grateful to Walt’s friend and ours, Cory Routh, who has provided this photo of the Popping Bug King, which we believe captures Walt’s heart full of laughter and love.

Thanks for your service, Walt, and for your amazing poppers. Every time we fish one, we will remember you. God bless you. Rest in peace.